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                             Help this hottie have the best Spring ever!

If you think Trista looks hot in her bikinis below, scroll down to see how you can add to her wardrobe!

                                             Click the photo to see the full sized version of it!




Trista Scott photo trista102.jpg
Trista Scott photo trista107.jpg
 photo trista86.jpg
 photo trista28.jpg
 photo trista99.jpg
 photo trista104-1.jpg


Print any of these pics on glossy photo paper and send them to her at the address below along with an envelope with postage added made out to yourself and she'll sign them!

*Please add a note asking her to autograph the pix so she'll know why you're sending them to her.

If you print an 8" X 10" photo, put 3 stamps on the return envelope!

If you think she deserves more bikinis, send them here:

Trista Scott
PO Box 624
Sentinel, OK 73644

Her top and bottom sizes are Medium.

If you want to remain anonymous, DON'T PUT YOUR RETURN ADDRESS!

If she likes the suits, she may post pics of her in them on the site so get her a good    one! 

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